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Sex Education on the Go: Makes Sex Edjucation Virtual and Mobile

In our culture, where even talking about sex is a no-no, teens often have only two options on how to get information about this topic: the internet and each other.

The latter can be like the blind leading the blind, and the former can lead to porn sites, which sets up unrealistic expectations when it comes to sex. Either way, young people are pretty much left to their own devices when it comes to educating themselves about sex–a practice that can have serious consequences.
  • A survey that was conducted in 2005 by Remedios AIDS Foundation shows that 3 out of 10 youths think that jumping after sex prevents pregnancy and 2 in 3 youths think that drinking antibiotics before sex is a way to prevent sexually transmitted infections. (It is not, by the way. Antibiotics may treat certain types of STIs, but not prevent them.)
  • The World Bank reported that the Philippines is among the top 10 countries where teen pregnancies are on the rise. Seven out of every 10 pregnant women are teenagers, often younger than 19 years old. Every year, approximately 64,000 teenagers in the Philippines have abortions.
“It’s a normal process for teens [to want to know more about sex],” explains Dr. Dr Wei Siang Yu, a medical doctor from Monash University. “Their hormones are raging and they need to be informed about how to deal with these urges and understand the changes their bodies are going through.”

Dr. Wei, has been a force in pioneering out of the box sex education initiatives and modules for the youth, earning him the title “Dr. Love.” In 2002, along with the Dutch Health Promotion Board, Dr. Wei launched the first wireless sex education initiative in Europe.

In the Philippines, Dr. Wei recently launched, or Sex Xpert Interactive Education, an interactive website for teens to get answers to their questions about sex, contraception and sexuality.

“We need to harness the internet,” said Dr. Wei. “It is discreet, it is immediate–the very things that are important to teens when it comes to getting sexual health information.”

Check out’s interactive components where real time information can be exchanged.

The Medical Butler may not get you a glass of water at your request, but this sexual health concierge will be ready to answer questions, dispense medical fact sheets, or to chat – real time.
This Medical Butler is actually comprised of 20 medical doctors, counselors, educators, parents and other industry experts who are all part of the team.

Medical doctors, counselors, and other health experts will conduct webinars on topics like relationships, stages of sexual growth and development, and sexually transmitted infections.

Strange body symptoms showing up, but too scared to get tested for an STI? provides the answer to that dilemma. With its soon-to-be-set-up virtual STI clinic, a teen can take a picture of the affected area and send it to via MMS for a consultation.

“The doctor will provide a provisional diagnosis only,” Dr. Wei emphasized. The viewer will still need to see an actual physician if a more extensive exam is recommended and if medication will need to be prescribed.

Teens can also connect to while on the go through the BBDrLove service, which will allow them to chat with’s panel of doctors through their Blackberry Messenger service.


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