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Photodex ProShow Producer v4.1.2737 (full)

The award-winning ProShow Producer is the only slide show designed for, and preferred by professionals. With Producer, you can forget about creative limitations and annoying per-disc charges. Producer delivers the fullest range of built-in creative tools & effects, so you can create stunning, HD-quality shows that are as customized as you want them to be, and sharable in virtually any format.

Don't limit yourself - you can have it all with ProShow Producer.

Custom Control
Create unique shows fast & easy.
ProShow Producer comes loaded with an impressive set of creative tools for creating photo fusion HD slide shows that are perfectly tailored to your clients, so you're not stuck with another cookie-cutter music video. Even better, custom doesn't mean time-consuming. With dozens of pre-built effects, you can instantly enhance photos & video clips with professional quality results that are guaranteed to wow your clients.

Better for Business
Less work. Quicker results.
With Producer, there's no tedious uploading process or complicated production scheme. Just a streamlined workflow that allows you to spend less time doing repetitive tasks and more time getting new business. Plus, you'll love the extra marketing help when it comes to new, integrated output support for websites like Facebook, Vimeo and Twitter!

True HD Output
Superior quality. Over 40 options. Tired of grainy web video? Whether you're creating shows for playback on TV, PC, or the Web, Producer delivers the smooth HD-quality output your clients have come to expect, and zero restrictions on quantity. Choose from over 40 output formats, including Blu-ray, HD video, DVD, and dozens of popular consumer devices.

Changes in Version 4.1.2737
What's New Since 4.1.2712

* Fixed problem where some MP3 tracks could fail to play and appear with a flat waveform
* Fixed problem where video layer could appear transparent at some keyframes
* Fixed problem where video layers could scrub poorly after being added to a slide
* Fixed rare crash condition caused by dragging an image into a template slot
* Fixed problem where video layers could fail to appear in slide list thumbnails
* Fixed problems with clarity of some video layers
* Fixed problem where very large images could fail to fully preview from File List
* Fixed crash problem caused by rendering to certain formats from Device output
* Fixed problem where certain Nvidia graphics drivers could cause image previews to become corrupt
* Fixed problems with scaling of keyframe and motion objects in Precision Preview dialog
* Fixed problem with display of trimmed video layers during drag through preview
* Fixed problem where Facebook uploads could fail
* Fixed problem where 'used in show' flags within File List could fail to update after opening a show
* Fixed audio problems affecting some video layers
* Fixed crash problem caused by flipped video layers
* Fixed problems with quality of FLV and WMV output
* Fixed crash condition caused by cancelling the file save process while in the process of outputting a show
* Fixed crash problem caused by opening shows with certain caption modifiers
* Fixed problem where preview playback could appear at the wrong aspect ratio
* Fixed problem where incorrect error dialog could appear after changing slide style categories
* Fixed problem where layers rotated in crop dialog could fail to be displayed
* Fixed problem where deleting a layer did not properly undo layer matching
* Fixed problem where video layer could play at wrong speed after being flipped




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