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Windows XP Shutdown Fast

Windows XP Shutdown Fast

Windows XP shutdown can be slow from time to time. Windows XP contains all kinds of internal mechanisms that sometimes deliberately slow down your machine. The functions Shutdown, Restart and Switch User illustrate this clearly.

What happens when you shutdown your computer ?

First you need to click the Start button, then click the shutdown button. Windows takes you to a dialog where you need to - again - click shutdown ...

... and it's only then that the waiting starts.

Here is a trick in order for your computer to shutdown faster than the normal one.

A Windows XP shutdown icon on your desktop

Right-click an empty space on your desktop
Select the option "new shortcut"
Type "shutdown -s -t 0" (Exactly as shown here, but without the quotes. The last character in the command is a zero.)
Click next
Type a name for the shortcut (e.g. Fast shutdown) and click finish
Now you have a new icon on your desktop. Let's customize it some more.

Right-click the new icon and select properties.
In the dialog box that opens up, click change icon.
You may see a warning message that shutdown.exe contains no icons, just click ok if you see this
Choose a new icon
You are now ready to test your new Windows XP shutdown button. Make sure to close all applications and double-click your new icon to shutdown your computer.

An icon to restart your computer fast on your desktop

Create a new icon like the previous one, but type "shutdown -r -t 0" in the "location of the item" box.

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