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Join Multiple Video (flv, mpg) Files in Windows

Here are some tricks that will help you to combine multiple video files (tried this trick in mpg and flv files).

This trick is very useful especially when you are fond of downloading episodes of a tv show in youtube.

Trick 1

1. Open a blank text file.
2. Type copy /b *.mpg FullMovie.mpg
3. Save the file with a .Bat extension.
Let's say you saved the text file as Joiner.Bat.
4. Now Copy and Paste this Joiner.Bat file in a folder which contains more than one mpg files.
5. Double click the Joiner.Bat file.

A combined file named FullMovie.mpg is created from all the mpg files in the folder.

Trick 2

1. Here, you'll have to add all the small mpg files into a zip file. This can be done using Winzip.
2. A very important thing to remember here is the files must be zipped without any compression.
3. Arrange the order of the files in the zip.
4. Rename the zip file as an mpg file.
5. That's it! Click and enjoy the movie.

Trick 3

1. Click Start >> Run.
2. Type cmd and press Enter. This will open the command prompt.
3. In the command prompt, type
copy /b "D:\FirstClip.mpg" + "D:\SecondClip.mpg" "D:\FullMovie.mpg"
where FirstClip.mpg and SecondClip.mpg are the video files to join and FullMovie.mpg is the resultant combined file.
You can specify any number of files to join.
Also notice I have typed the entire file path in the above command.
4. Press enter and the files will be joined.

Please do comment or reply back if the tricks above works for any other formats.

***Software that can combine video files..
1. Movica
2. AviDemux
3. FLV Binder
4. Andy's FLV Joiner

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