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Gloc 9 - Matrikula

1. "Intro ni Mike Swift (Mr. Swift's Introduction)"   1:51
2. "Lipat mo (Switch it)"   0:06
3. "Martilyo (Hammer)" (featuring Dex of Letter Day Story) 4:08
4. "Papel (Paper)"   1:08
5. "Tinta (Ink)"   3:30
6. "Balita (News)" (featuring Gabby Alipe of Urbandub) 3:27
7. "Upuan (Chair)" (featuring Jeazell Grutas of Zelle) 4:13
8. "Bituwin (Star)" (featuring Allan Mitchel) 2:24
9. "Biyahe Ni Syke (Syke's Travel)" ((Interlude)) 0:38
10. "Bayad Ko (My Fare)" (featuring Noel Cabangon) 5:58
11. "Bahala Na (Let it be)" (featuring Moymoy Palaboy, Sisa of Crazy Ass Pinoy and Biboy of Queso)   3:46
12. "The Bobo Song (The Dumb Song)" (featuring Loonie of Stickfiggas) 4:02
13. "Pasakalye ng Pangarap (Introduction of Ambition)"   0:31
14. "Pangarap (Ambition)" (featuring Raimund Marasigan) 4:07
15. "Kaibigan Ko (My Friend)" (featuring The Hardware Syndrome with Itoy and Willie of the Spindicate Posse) 4:27
16. "Tao (Man)" (featuring feat. Cookie Chua of Color It Red) 5:02

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