The pass for the archived files is the site's url:

To join split rar files, use hjsplit. This is the link.

We are alive again!

After some months tuperwarez is back! Sorry for the delay of replies / responses / requests...been too busy for the personal life and all...But now it's up and working! And it's ready for another round of requests so just ask.And it's got a new look!
So the chatbox's back (sorry for no replies guys) and it's on the right sidebar. Search feature is also on the right sidebar just under the chatbox or just above the 'tabs menu' (refer to image below).

The CATEGORIES menu is also on the tabs menu (lower right sidebar)...just click on it to find the kind of post you're looking for.
Just click on the tabs to show what's inside them or if you want to link exchange, buy RS accounts, etc. just explore.

There are also some links at the upper right corner e.g. subscribing to the feeds and another link to our sister site It's still on construction so there's not much to look at though but we'd like suggestions if you like.
So that's it...we' ll be posting more stuff soon. Peace out!

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