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Corporate Management, Governanace, and Ethics Best Practices


Corporate Management, Governance, and Ethics Best Practices

Best practices are the processes, practices, and systems identified in public and private organizations that performed exceptionally well and are widely recognized as improving an organization's performance and efficiency in specific areas. Successfully identifying and applying best practices can improve business processes and increase organizational effectiveness. Based on author S. Rao Vallabhaneni's decades of management experience, Corporate Management, Governance, and Ethics Best Practices provides a one-stop, comprehensive reference guide to the best-of-the-best practices for corporate business practitioners and government employees worldwide.

Because every company's resources and budget is different, Corporate Management, Governance, and Ethics Best Practices takes a "big picture" approach, allowing managers and executives to tailor each practice based on organization-specific resource availability as well as management strategies and priorities. Each self-contained chapter begins with an over-view of the topic, a presentation of man- agement's roles and responsibilities, a dis-cussion of core topics, and ends with applicable laws, rules, regulations, standards, and principles.




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