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Business Plan Pro 11 [2009]

Business Plan Pro provides:

* the EasyPlan TM Wizard, to help you create your business plan
* over 500 sample plans for your reference or use
* built-in financials for thousands of industries
* SBA loan application documents
* a venture capital database
* one-click links to online business loans
* and much more

New features in the 2009 version:

* Rebuilt from ground up: Business Plan Pro was rebuilt for today’s computing environments from the ground up. Expect this product to work great in Windows Vista as well as XP and 2000. It takes advantage of the latest technology to improve your user experience.

* Support for plans in Spanish: The new software makes it easy to publish a plan in Spanish. The Plan Setup can change your financial tables and plan outline from English to Spanish and back again.

* New chart and table editing tools: The new chart editors make it easy to produce beautiful 3D color charts and a new user interface allows you to switch between the popular Table Wizards and the spreadsheets that lie underneath.

* Management dashboard: If you need a bird’s eye view of your business, your plan, and your progress toward your goals, this version's new integrated dashboard has the tools you need. Check your actual sales compared to your goals and ensure that spending is in line with your budget. Quickly manage your company goals and objectives and easily export everything to PowerPoint for an executive presentation.

* New The new makes it easy to publish a high-fidelity copy of your plan to the Internet to share with investors, partners, colleagues, family, whomever you choose. Now, a copy of your plan is also stored on for safe keeping. You control who sees your plan. Now your readers can comment on your plan.

* Improved error checking: Have the software point out all your mistakes to avoid any confusion later.

Business Plan Pro also includes plan formats preferred by bankers and investors, which let them zero in on the information they need, plus options for tailoring your plan for specific types of investors.






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