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Love On Line - LOL [cam]

‘Love On Line’ is the story of today’s generation

Is it possible for true love to bloom between two people of different backgrounds who met only through the Internet?

This is the intriguing premise of “Love On Line (LOL),” a modern comedy starring Vic “Bossing” Sotto and Thai model-VJ Paula Taylor. The film is produced by M-Zet-Octoarts-APT Films and will be shown in theaters on Aug. 19.

In the film, Vic plays Samson whose picture was used by his friend (played by Jose Manalo) in order to meet beautiful women through Internet chatting. Paula is Lily who becomes a “cyber” friend to Samson until they eventually agree to meet (“eyeball” in Internet language). What follows is a rollercoaster ride of events that are spiced with magic, adventure, fantasy and, yes, love in the tradition of almost all of Vic Sotto’s blockbuster movies.

Although there is no empirical data on the subject (especially in a local setting), falling in love with someone you met online is not unusual at all. There have been thousands of stories of couples who have done so with some even ending up married. This is the reason the popularity of Internet dating sites continue to rise. Below are findings that researchers have discovered about Internet dating.

One, 94 percent of couples who met online keep seeing each another, but only if they spent a significant amount of time getting to know one another online before meeting the first time.

Two, Internet dating relationships lasted on average, seven months.

Three, men are more committed to online relationships and more dependent on their “e-partner” than women.

Four, couples rarely use webcams because they prefer the anonymity of writing and e-mailing when Internet dating.

Going online to meet someone is not any more dangerous than the more traditional methods of face-to-face contact. To minimize the danger, one should not meet up with a chat mate or disclose personal information until you get to know him thoroughly by asking questions, reading his non-verbal cues and through research (that is what Google is for!).

Remember those pointers lest you succumb to the romance after watching “Love On Line (LOL)” on Aug. 19. It also stars Jose Manalo, Manilyn Reynes, Matt Evans, Melissa Ricks, Dominic Roco, Gina PareƱo, Ricky Davao, and Leo Martinez.

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