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Think Science Series: Zap!

Thinkin Things ZAP
Working with laser beams, electrical circuits, and "visible" sound waves, students practice valuable thinking skills - observation, prediction, deductive reasoning, conceptual modelling, theory building, and hypothesis testing - while experimenting within a highly scientifically accurate environment.

Special features include Virtual Manipulatives that provide hands-on opportunities for working with both concrete and abstract science concepts and strong support of national science standards.

Learning Opportunities:

Experiment with Light. Bounce it, bend it, absorb it, blend it. Lenses, mirrors, barriers, splitters, and colour filters reveal the fun of reflection, refraction, absorption and colour mixing!

Experiment with Sound. See, hear, and control sound waves to make BoogieBots dance! Play with amplitude and frequency for hundreds of sound samples (plus, record your own!).

Experiment with Electricity. Tinker with circuits, switches, voltage, current, and resistance. You tell electricity where to go to make machines work, just like the pros!

For ages 8-11


File Size: 321mb


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4



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