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Donation via Smart Money

My Smart Money Account Number:
5299 6702 5676 8119

Instructions on donating:
4 options:
  1. Over the Counter (OTC) via SMART Wireless Center, Banco De Oro (BDO)* branches nationwide, Smart Money Accredited Outlets
  2. Wallet-to-wallet transfer - money transfer from other Smart Money Accounts
  3. Mobile Banking Service (MBS) – from your bank account enrolled under your bank's mobile banking program to my Smart Money Account
  4. Credit Card via - use your credit card to load my Smart Money Account. Visit their website for details.
Wallet-to-wallet transfer:
  1. Go to your SMART MENU select SMART Money.
  2. Select Transfer, press OK.
  3. Choose Others, then press OK.
  4. Enter the account number of the recipient (5299 6702 5676 8119), then press OK.
  5. Once ‘Transfer from’ is shown on screen, press OK.
  6. Select from your list of card names, then press OK.
  7. Key in the amount to be transferred, then press OK. (Maximum transfer amount : Php10,000)
  8. You will receive a confirmation request of your transaction, press OK.
  9. Enter your PIN, press OK.
  10. You will receive a text message of the amount transferred and your new account balance.
For a more detailed instruction visit:

For other inquiries visit:
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Smart Money site

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